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Trips! - Judy Anderson (yduJ) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

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Trips! [Jun. 14th, 2017|08:12 am]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)
[Tags|, ]

Jocelyn is in Iceland! She's going with a friend of ours. They're spending a few days in Iceland, and then going on to Norway for a week. They'll spend the summer solstice in Tromso, which is above the arctic circle. Unfortunately it will probably rain so they won't actually get to see the sun all night. Planned activities include riding Icelandic ponies and reprising Ken's parasailing adventure in Norway (Jocelyn was too young then, and has since been jealous). They left yesterday.

Me, I'm just going to Fort Wayne, Indiana, for an annual square dance convention. "The great intra-coastal wasteland", or, as a coworker of mine says, "fly-over country". I leave tomorrow, returning Sunday, so it's not a huge trip. I'm actually flying into Detroit and driving with a friend -- that seemed to be the fastest route. Kayak kept giving me choices that involved Atlanta. Um, like, can you say "not on the way"?

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