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Judy Anderson (yduJ) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

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Implanted [Jun. 18th, 2018|02:18 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

Today I had the next step in my tooth adventure. I ill-advisedly rode my bike to the appointment, forgetting that she'd have to cut open the gum in order to put in the implant. It took a long time and there was one unfortunate clatter of something onto the floor and another unfortunate drop of a thing into the back of my mouth, but they got a new one of whatever if was that fell on the floor and I managed not to reflexively swallow whatever it was they dropped into me. Anyway, at the end, there I was, teeth clenched around a gauze pad to staunch the bleeding, and needing to bike home. I compromised by waiting for 15 minutes in the waiting room and then riding slowly so I didn't raise my heart rate too much and blast by the too-slowly-forming clots. It's kind of weird to ride your bike with your teeth clenched around a soggy gauze pad... Probably nobody noticed. I put some ice on my jaw when I got home, and sat quietly and read for half an hour.

Then it was a challenge to get something for lunch. I can chew on the other side but I didn't want anything to get stuck under the stitches... I'm still the toothless wonder. I get the stitches out in 2 weeks, and then the next step will be 4 months later; I think that will involve actually filling the gap. I'm hoping the fact that I sleep with a night guard is helping the other teeth to stay put and not wander off into the gap. Maybe that only happens if you have gaps in the bone where the roots were removed or rotted away, and I had the holes filled with bone graft powder. Which she says healed beautifully, so hopefully the rest will work as well.

Unfortunately, because the nearby teeth are both crowns, insurance is apparently going to deny the claim. Apparently if you have crowns they'd rather pay for the cheaper bridge treatment, but that's apparently not as good medically. Or something.

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Almost, once again [Jun. 11th, 2018|09:07 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

I didn't quite make 100 miles in a 7-day period, but 98.54 is pretty close!

Tuesday: 9.34
Wednesday: 14.75
Thursday: 11.3
Friday: 10.61
Saturday: 5.68 + 7.92
Sunday: 25.84 to Arlington in 2:24 for an average of 10.7, actually surprisingly high considering the mess of urban riding at the end. The beginning really rocked, though.
Monday: 13.1

On the ride to Arlington I tried to follow Google's recommendations to get through some of the Emerald Necklace parklands, but I was not very successful. I ended up on a dirt path and had to carry my bike up a set of stairs. Maybe I'll do better next time. Also, I once again got to ride on Mem Drive while it was closed to cars, which would have been a lot more fun if there hadn't been a huge street fair of some sort blocking the entire road. What a sea of humanity. I had to pick my way by on the sidewalk, dodging pedestrians. Ken thinks I should use an entirely different route; maybe I should; the one I'm using does have some significant flaws, even if I'm not getting lost.

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Family history [May. 31st, 2018|06:46 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

I'm visiting my parents again, ostensibly for their 50th anniversary, but also it turns out to help with a family history project my mom started. She's giving an heirloom cedar chest as the wedding gift to my cousin's daughter, and so she started to write about who is the person who owned it before anyway and why should we care, and it got pretty large pretty fast. A lot of geneaology was done already by an nth cousin in Sweden, so she took that and expanded on it with memories of who some of the people who emigrated to the US. We ended up going through some old linens and writing up who had tatted what when she knew and putting some of those in the chest as well.

I ended up with a few pieces to take home myself. I'm taking a copy of the big geneaology chart, which is currently lovingly stowed in a mailing tube, but my copy is just going to have to be folded for the duration of the travel tomorrow; it will be creased but if I only leave it folded for the one day and then lay it flat or roll it up when I get home, it won't be so bad. Also, we have four copies, so it's not like it's the only one.

I hope the recipient is at least appreciative of the work that went into the writeup. I did some editing but it's really mostly my mom's work. Which is totally great, giving her brain something constructive to do. She's not done; this was all about her mom's side of the family, and she wants to write up her dad's side too sometime.

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closies count.... [May. 29th, 2018|02:36 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)
[Tags|, ]

...in 100-mile week tallies...

Wednesday: 8.04
Thursday: 25.71 from work
Friday: 25.66 to work
Saturday: 7.21
Sunday: 12.04
Monday: 10.48
Tuesday: 7.76

Total for the 7 day rolling week: 96.9

No biking for the next 5 days; I'll be in California visiting my parents. Maybe there will be swimming instead.

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The usual Thursday/Friday plan [May. 25th, 2018|10:13 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

Thursday: 25.71 from work in 2:30 for an average of 10.2. Surprise headwind at the end, and the usual traffic at the beginning that happens with the new time I'm leaving work for biking home.

Friday: 25.66 to work in 2:25 for an average of 10.6. Non-surprise headwind at the end, but it wasn't as bad as I expected, and I really did well at the beginning to compensate. I note it was 80 degrees when I started and 85 when I finished, and I am just plain faster in the heat. It's the thinner air, I tell ya.

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The saga of our BLM sign [May. 21st, 2018|08:49 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)
[Tags|, , ]

As I mentioned on Twitter, we got a Black Lives Matter sign a month ago. It lasted a week before it was stolen. The sad thing is that it's next to a sign that says "Hate has no home here". Apparently hate DOES have a home here after all... We buy another sign, and a spare. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Once, the thief does it in broad daylight, and the neighbors see it! They called the cops, though they didn't manage to get the license plate so there wasn't much to do. We hadn't called the cops before, because we were worried they'd think it was antagonistic. The officer seemed completely fine with it, we mentioned that "just because we want to save the whales doesn't mean we want to torpedo the dolphins", and he laughed. So, that was good.

So we bought a deer camera, which is cheaper and easier to deploy than a real webcam, plus it's hardened against weather, and comes in camo. It takes still photos based on a motion detector and has night vision mode.

Sign #4 is stolen! We get photos! Unfortunately, the license plate is overexposed so it can't be read. The cops (who we did call, since they'd already been involved) take our thumb drive with photos and say they'll have their image enhancing expert work on it. I was all hot to post the pictures immediately, but the cops suggested that we should wait for a while before posting them, because if we did it immediately and the thief saw the pictures, they might figure out where the camera was mounted and come steal it as well as sign #5.

Surprisingly, a week later the cops posted some of the pictures on facebook with "do you recognize this truck". Crowdsourcing the investigation, and I guess compromising our camera location. Without asking us. Oh well. Even more surprisingly, the thieves turned themselves in! We think they were concerned that if someone saw their truck (which is somewhat distinctive) and turned them in, it would be worse for them than turning themselves in. However, they denied stealing the other signs. This is a credible theory, because the car the neighbors saw was a sedan, not a pickup truck.

Currently we're taking the sign and the camera in at night, since we thought the photos wouldn't be useful without ability to get the license plate. Though, at least in this case the license plate was unnecessary. The camera is also a power hog so we're burning through non-rechargeable batteries.

The saga is ongoing; will we have to catch every punk kid in our town? We still have a few signs...

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So much activity! [May. 20th, 2018|03:52 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)
[Tags|, ]

So much for the rainy weekend! Well, OK, it did rain, but I bicycled anyway; there was a surprising amount of non-precipitation times.

Recap of Bike Week: Total for the 9-day week: 140.32

Saturday: 6.8
Sunday: 24.78 to Arlington
Monday: 10.64
Tuesday: 11.04
Wednesday: 10.98
Thursday: 25.7 from work in 2:27 (elapsed 2:33) for an average of 10.4. I kind of thought I was doing better than that...
Friday: 25.45 to work in 2:30 for an awful average of 10.1. There was a terrible headwind, and a lot of icky traffic.
Saturday: 13.19
Sunday: 11.74

Then, this afternoon, when I was expecting it to be raining, it wasn't, so we put in about 50% of the dock. About 30% was already in from earlier activities, so that leaves about 20% of the work. But we were just too dang cold, even in wetsuits. The temp is 66. This section, though, has to be finished in one go, so once we started we had to finish. So we'll finish it another time.

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starting bike week with a bang! [May. 13th, 2018|10:16 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

It was rainy yesterday so there was only a 7 mile trip. Today, however, Ken delivered Jocelyn to circus and rode home, leaving the Leaf to charge at Alewife. Valerie took the train in and I rode my bicycle, and we hung out with friends and then drove home. So much bicycling, and efficient use of transportation as well!

24.78 in 2:21 for an average of 10.5

Started out fairly strong but then a lot of urban riding, and a little getting lost. I let google take me across the BU bridge and through Harvard Square to Alewife, which resulted in getting to ride on Mem Drive in its Sunday afternoon "closed to cars" mode, so that was fun. Harvard Square is much less scary on a bike than in a car. The cars are mostly not moving, and the bike lanes are well-placed. I ended up on one sidewalk because I got confused about how to get to where I was going, but I just poked along with the pedestrians and tried to keep out of their way until I got to a place I could ride on the road again.

Unfortunately the weather is not going to be congenial so I don't know how much more riding there will be this week, and I won't need to pick up Jocelyn Friday evening, so I might not go in to the office, thus messing up the Thursday/Friday round trip I've been doing lately. We'll see what happens.

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Almost, and counting it! [May. 11th, 2018|10:40 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)
[Tags|, ]

Bicycling miles this week:

Saturday: 18.7
Sunday: 13.73
Wednesday: 14.33 RT to yoga
Thursday: 25.79 from work in 2:31 (elapsed 2:40) for an average of 10.2. I thought I was doing better than that, but there was a headwind, and also a bunch of traffic towards the beginning.
Friday: 25.90 to work in 2:33 for an even worse average of 10.1. I made a pit stop at about 18 miles and just lost momentum and dawdled after that.

Total for the week: 98.45
Close enough to 100 for me!!! Considering two days I didn't ride at all...

One of those days, Monday, I canoed with Valerie, where she had discovered a large dead former flotation thing half submerged in shallow water. We managed with great effort to get it back to our dock, but I didn't have time to deal with getting it out of the water that day.

Tuesday it happened that Ken was staying home from work, and the water was dead flat, so I said, half-joking, "let's go waterskiing!" as I often do when the lake is dead flat (even if it's November and the boat's out of the water), and he said, "sure!" Valerie was available for spotting, so we donned our wetsuits and had a nice ride each.

Then, since I was in the wetsuit already, I pushed and Valerie pulled and we got the thing out of the water. It was already pretty full of holes, and there was a certain amount of additional destruction necessary to manage it. Left it for the trash people, who didn't take it, so we called the lake management committee, and they were willing to come by with a truck and haul it away. So, one large piece of detritus removed from the lake! There's another boat-like thing on the shore, but I am not sure it's dead enough for us to salvage, it might belong to someone and they might want it.

Next week is Bay State Bike Week, with its attendant bicycle commute challenge, though in recent years they've just been saying to count all your miles, not just your commute miles. They still have the account I created years ago so I'll record my miles there too. Hope the weather's congenial, because I'm not going to ride to work in the rain!

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Well, that was exhausting! [Apr. 29th, 2018|07:02 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

Turns out the bilge pump manufacturer redesigned the thing so the new model no longer fits in the same base. Thus, the base had to be removed from the boat, and the new one installed. Maybe this was a good idea, because it turned out to have only been held in by one remaining screw, and that was on its last legs. I used stainless steel this time...

It took forever. Just getting the thing to fit in the bilge hole was difficult; the pipe the water comes out is slightly longer than the old pump, and that one barely fit.

My first try at making the guide hole for the screws I used too small a drill bit, so had to do that again. And a third time. I was worried about making too BIG a guide hole, because I wanted the screws to actually HOLD. Even so, I had a devil of a time making the screws go in, because I'd picked slot-head screws and the screwdriver kept slipping. So, out they come and off I go to get philips head screws. Oh, crap, even though they're in the same bin in our workshop, these ones are too big! By which I mean they won't go through the mounting hole in the base. Which I don't discover til I'm back in the boat. Back to the shop to look for different screws. Eventually I get something that will work, and manage to get them screwed in.

This would have taken a long time no matter what, but every time I had make any change to what I was doing, I basically had to do a pushup and squirm in and out of a little hole. A DARK little hole. My headlamp kept falling off and the batteries go splattering all over the floor. I guess I had my exercise!

Ken got the electrical part wired up; that went much more smoothly, as it didn't require the dark little hole part. But we didn't get the boat launched today... Hopefully not too much detritus will fall into it before we can get it launched, since it's uncovered...

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