The aforementioned cat

I have a cat! Her name is Jetty. Surprisingly, she is not black – shorthair gray with white paws. I expected a black cat after hearing the name, but apparently she was actually named after the thing that sticks out from the beach, since the prior owner lives on Cape Cod.

I have her because her owner found it difficult to continue to take care of her for a variety of reasons. She needs a lot of care, because she is 14, and has some digestive issues. Hopefully she will not be having digestive issues all over the house, but apparently she is pretty good about making it to the litter box. We'll see. She's also apparently good about taking her medication, which I have been trained on.

She's adequately soft but not amazingly so. I snuck one petting in while she was walking past me. I'm trying to let her get used to the new place before I get pushy about affection.

Currently I have her confined to the third floor bathroom where the litter box is, along with food, water, a box containing an old towel, a pile of old blankets, a paper bag to hide in, and other cat-friendly items. I will go back up there in an hour or so and sit and read with her for a while, to get her used to me. Probably I will let her out of the bathroom tomorrow, and spend time upstairs working, and see if she comes into the room to see me.

Hopefully I didn't get Covid while hanging in the bathroom with the prior owner and getting the lowdown. We were both wearing masks, but it was difficult to stay 6 feet apart. I washed my hands afterwards, and probably I should clean some bathroom surfaces that were used for food/medicine preparation. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.

pandemic cat

So apparently I'm getting a cat. This is an old cat, who has medical issues, and I'm mostly taking it because the person who is caring for it can't really manage it anymore due to their own issues. It arrives tomorrow. It is unclear how long this cat will last. Probably "exactly as long as it takes for me to bond with it". This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.


Once again, I forget to tell people about Jocelyn's performance until it's nearly too late.

Jocelyn's Circus group in San Diego is putting on show tomorrow evening Sunday, January 17 at 5 PM Pacific time; 8 PM Eastern time. (I guess I'm not going to the Arisia masquerade after all, since it conflicts.)

You can buy tickets at This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.


So it's Arisia weekend. I usually go. I had a free membership, because I worked enough hours last year, so I thought I would stop in at the online thing. I'm glad I didn't have to pay. It's pretty lame. Usually on Saturday afternoon IRL the gaming room has over 100 people in it. There were two of us in the gaming Zoom. Maybe secretly there were 15 breakout rooms with games going on, but I don't think so, since they gave me and the other guy breakout room 2, after thinking about giving us 1.

There have been a few random jokes on the various chat rooms (e.g. con suite) about "leaving your chips out for five hours before eating them to make them the right amount of stale", but there's really not that many of those jokes that are funny, and so it gets tired quickly.

I haven't really "run into" very many people I know, so there is not even much about catching up with folks that I was kind of thinking might happen. I might go to one of the random performance thingies tonight, and maybe I'll go to the masquerade tomorrow night. Likely it will be lame.

I am, at least, wearing Arisia tshirts this weekend -- though they are under sweaters, so nobody gets to see them, even on zoom. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.


I am boring. I kinna wish I had something interesting to post about. Getting tired of being boring. But at this point, probably anything interesting would be bad news.

Weather's even boring. High 40 low 25 for the past couple days and the next like 5 days running.

The kid is back in San Diego. Occasionally sending us email about stuff she needs for circus school applications, so we know she's alive. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.

The year in...


Bicycling: "more than 2525" – there was the odometer crash and I had remembered a particular round number, but I really have no idea how much I bicycled after that. Including the round number and all of the other computations I ended up having to do, what with estimating each ride before I got the new odometer, my earlier issue with the odometer having lost its mind when its battery died, and then adding the new odometer reading in, I ended with 2525, which is at least a cool number. Also, more than I bicycled in the past several years, but not astonishingly so.

Beds: In January, during the Before Times, I went to Arisia, and also a trip to my parents house included one day of skiing. Other than that, I went to see my parents a couple of times.

All: Sharon MA
January: Boston, Truckee CA
January, March, August, September, October: Chico CA This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.

Happy new year!

We normally celebrate New Year's Eve at 7 PM, which is midnight GMT. However, this time Jocelyn was going to her boyfriend's house earlier than that (Covid safe? Maybe.), so we decided to celebrate at noon, where it turns out to be midnight in Thailand, among other places. The advantage of noon is that you actually get to see your clock saying 11:59 rather than 6:59…

Jocelyn is bringing "pop rocks bark" to her boyfriend's house. It's like a whole little celebration of fireworks in your mouth! With chocolate! Actually, it works out pretty well, because the chocolate dilutes the pop rocks, and so it's not overwhelming. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.

Less wise

Jocelyn came home for the holidays, and did what many freshmen do at that time: got her wisdom teeth out.

She seems to have had an easier time of it than I remember having at the same age (I did mine the summer before I went to college, another common time). She was slightly uncomfortable yesterday, but by today the bleeding has stopped and she doesn't seem to be in much pain, and so off she went to gallivant with her boyfriend. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.