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Judy Anderson (yduJ) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

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how can smokers stand themselves? [Jan. 6th, 2019|09:29 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

I had a contractor come look at the floor in the bathroom. He REEKED.

I got a string of holiday lights off of freecycle. They were left for me in a plastic bag. When I got home and opened the bag -- the string of lights stank! It wasn't nearly as pungent as the contractor had been, but I was very surprised at how much scent clung to a string of lights!

I dunno, maybe their noses just wither and die.

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Starting the new year off right! [Jan. 4th, 2019|10:22 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)
[Tags|, ]

We don't seem to have winter yet, and I had an opportunity to ride my bike (most of the way) to work in the 44 degree temps. It was a little cloudier and thus colder than I expected and my feet got kinna cold, but the warm shower at the end helped a lot.

23.34 in 2:13 for an average of 10.5, which isn't great but doesn't really suck either.

I've also decided to have a kind of new years resolution to do more stuff that makes me happy, and blow off more meetings at work, so I went to yoga on Wednesday and wore a tshirt instead of a striped sweater on Thursday. Striped sweater again today, but maybe I'll just make a habit of dressing back down. Hardly anyone wears tshirts at this place, and so a few years ago I bought some clothes at the thrift store to blend in, but it doesn't make me happy that it takes over a year to cycle through my tshirts. The eclipse shirts I wore in August 2017 are just surfacing. I mean, I have over 200 shirts, so it should take more than half a year, but not 1.5 years.

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Year in review [Jan. 1st, 2019|09:58 am]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)
[Tags|, ]

Final bicycling mileage for the year: 2067.9

Year in books, via goodreads. I think I forgot to record a book. 31 this year; seems about average. I would have expected more, considering all the trips to CA, but there was less reading at home while I fussed over various electronica instead.

Where I slept in 2018:
Usually I just scroll back through my Trips tags for this, but I apparently didn't blog about my two trips to Fairlee VT (gaming in April and square dancing in December), so I almost forgot them. I wonder where else I went that I didn't blog about?

All: Sharon MA
January, February, May, July, August: Paradise CA
January: Boston MA (Arisia)
March: Montreal QC
April: Fairlee VT
July: Bozeman MT
October: Lenox MA; Plymouth Meeting PA
December: Fairlee VT; Nice CA

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Belated holiday letter [Dec. 29th, 2018|10:11 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)
In word format, sorry.

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Tooth implant: the final adventure [Dec. 28th, 2018|10:47 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

Actually this post is about 3 weeks late. I finally have no gap in my mouth after two more procedures, one in early Nov and the other in early Dec. First she opened up the gum to insert a post into the screw implanted into the bone, and made an impression for the crown. Then, so as not to leave me with a spur sticking up, she removed the post and replaced it with a wide flat apparatus which kept the gum open. Then when the crown came back from the lab, she reinserted the post and stuck the crown down. At first it was too tight against one of its neighbors for flossing, but after a couple of days things moved around enough to make space. At this point, I pretty much can't tell it from any other crown I've got. So, yay. Though it cost a bundle. Insurance (a) declined to pay for parts of it and (b) maxed out anyway so it didn't really matter. Out of pocket I think was about $5K when everything was added up. Is this really better than the cheaper treatment? Who knows.

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merry christmas [Dec. 27th, 2018|10:30 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

I went to California to visit my parents and parade the children around. My aunt has a vacation home on Clear Lake (I learned to waterski on Clear Lake, though it turns out that was on the other side of the lake), and we all congregated there. It was me and the kids (Ken and Valerie stayed home), my parents, my aunt, and three of her kids, but none of their spawn or partners -- they turned out to all be widowed or divorced, and their spawn are grownups with lives.

It's kind of amusing to meet people you knew when you were a teenager 40 years later. They're all kind of republican-leaning, but not as strident as my sister. I set them straight a couple times when they made comments I objected to, and they didn't fuss, we had a real discussion about it. One was about "lactation support", which I know a lot about, another was some casual racism thing but they weren't wedded to their opinion. We also had some more fun discussions; one morning we had pancakes and I extolled the virtues of real Maple Syrup and how it is made and why Grade B (now called Grade A Dark Amber) is the better syrup despite the worse grade.

Jocelyn's pottery was well-received. They gave us chocolate, which is now all consumed.

I inquired about whether they had any canoes or kayaks. Turned out they did, one very old and dirty kayak that hadn't been used in years, and one inflatable. They were all "you can't want to use these boats" but Jocelyn and I were game, so we inflated the inflatable, and hosed off the old dirty one, and off we went. They seemed to think the old dirty kayak would be "too tippy", but really, it was fine, you just need to keep your weight low when getting in, like all kayaks. I think they're all too used to powerboats where you just jump in any old which way. We paddled for about 45 minutes, going around a small nearby island and returning.

The dock is great -- it's up on pylons about 12 feet off the water, and there's a deck that raises and lowers by electric motors to get down to the water. They keep their powerboat up in a sling above the water. The things you can do when your lake doesn't freeze! (Really, it's the thawing process that's bad for the dock. Just freezing is fine.) Apparently there's "one tide a year" and in the spring the water will be much higher, almost up to the fixed dock. Clear Lake (a misnomer -- it's pretty algae-choked) is pretty large, and the waves can get high in the wind, so a lower dock would be trashed. They told me they once had a floating dock, but it got trashed by the waves.

I couldn't get a good picture of the actual dock because I was standing on it, and the angle from the house wasn't good -- this is the neighbor's dock but it's the same idea:

We went out of Terminal B from SMF this time. It has a really random bit of art, here is "spidey-rabbit". I don't think the spiderman effect was intentional, just an artifact of the plates that make up the sculpture.

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My daughter the potter [Dec. 22nd, 2018|02:38 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)
[Tags|, ]

A sampling.

We're giving a few things to my parents for Christmas. I hope I packed it well enough to make the plane trip. We're not planning to check luggage but sometimes you don't get a choice about it, especially on the last puddle jumper leg.

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"...and a crack on the ceiling had the habit... [Dec. 22nd, 2018|02:23 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

...of sometimes looking like a rabbit." (--Madeline, Ludwig Bemelmans)

So, our house was built in 1903, and as many old houses do, has settled. This produces cracks in places -- in this particular case, it's in the floor, and it looks like a bird:

It's right in front of the toilet, so it's an interesting thing to look at. A few months ago, a couple of other tiles started being less-well-attached to the floor than is nice, so I thought maybe I'd get the bathroom floor redone. But Jocelyn objected to losing her bird, so I didn't get around to doing anything until even more tiles started popping up and being tripped over or having to be kicked back into place.

I had thought we'd do it on the cheap, and get Home Depot to do the installation rather than getting a full general contractor. So off I go, pick out a tile pattern, and have them come measure the bathroom. I'd measured it but it turns out they also want to make sure the underlying flooring is flat (tilted is OK, but planar is what they need.)

Well. Did you know that pretty much all 9-inch linoleum tiles put in before about 1980 are full of asbestos? Me neither! Jocelyn's comment: "And all this time it's been killing us!" Probably it was OK until the tiles started popping up, at which point it probably started emitting asbestos dust into the air.

Home Depot was still OK with it if they could have just put the tiles straight on top of the existing flooring, but unfortunately the measure guy found flexing in the underflooring as well, which might mean water damage, but in any case, Home Depot was no longer OK with the project until the underlying flooring was ripped up and replaced -- at which point I might as well have whoever does the ripping up do the tile-laying as well.

So, we'll continue to die a little bit every day until I have time to start calling general contractors who deal with asbestos remediation...

Maybe I'll frame the photo of the bird-shaped crack and put it on the wall when the bathroom's done.

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Bicycling like it's 1999 [Dec. 20th, 2018|10:56 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

I started out taking a Xeno approach to attaining 2000 miles for the year, needing about 50 miles as of last Friday.

Friday: 23.3
Saturday: 12.75
Sunday: 5(ish)

That left me with about 7 to go. Thought I had it nailed, to go get the car on Tuesday. But I return to check my odometer, and it's at 1999.8! I actually thought I'd be titling this "2001: a bicycling odyssey" but I was more than a mile behind for that...

I've since ridden about 13 miles, so I'm all set for the year goalwise -- and I'm not stopping just because I attained the goal!

Tomorrow (Solstice), it will be raining, so I will not take a trek to Solstice St. like last year. We will also not be lighting a fire from the sun. Maybe we'll make it up on Sunday.

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surprise opportunity to bike to work [Dec. 14th, 2018|10:56 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)
[Tags|, ]

A car was conveniently teleported to Waltham, and I got to go retrieve it. I had a meeting-free 3 hours in the middle of the day, and it was 45 degrees out. What could be better?

23.33 miles in 2:12 for a not-too-terrible-considering-it's-been-THREE-MONTHS-since-a-long-ride average of 10.5

That leaves me with 1974.5 for the year. I'll get the remaining 25.5 in the next few days. Last weekend I noticed that I was at 1917, and was starting to worry about my ability to get 83 miles in the remaining 21 days of the year, especially considering I'll be away for 4 of them, with the 6-8 miles I've been managing to ride most mornings. So I made a bit of a push earlier this week, riding 9 on Tuesday, 13 round trip to yoga on Wednesday (despite the 25 degree temps), and another 9 Thursday.

In theory I don't have goals, I just record mileage, but I've been over 2000 for the last like 5 years running, so I was feeling kind of down about my failures to bike as much this year. Now I am happier (even though it's 200-500 less than the other years).

Monday I blew off my opportunity to ride so I could instead kayak in the remaining unfrozen 10% of the lake, which happened to center around our shore, and go ice breaking. Figured it would be the last chance -- though with tomorrow's predicted 50 it might melt again.

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