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Judy Anderson (yduJ) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

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No smirkus tour [Jan. 17th, 2018|10:20 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

Sadly, Jocelyn didn't get in. This means, however, that she can go to Peru with the Spanish class. So all is not terrible.

Picture from auditions. We don't have video of this one.

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Arisia [Jan. 13th, 2018|12:22 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)
[Tags|, ]

Here I am at Arisia, staffing the game room. Something is funny with the DW mobile page, hope this comes out ok.

Just me and Perry today. Jocelyn is at circus smirkus auditioning for the summer tour! She's of two minds about this, on the one hand it's an honor to be picked, on the other hand, it's the entire summer. She'd miss some stuff she wants to do, specifically the Spanish class trip to Peru. She can go next year, but she wants to go with her class, not next year's class.

I get to write about five words in a row before I get interrupted to sign out a game, or asked a question I don't know the answer to...

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How the other half thinks [Jan. 7th, 2018|07:27 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

So here I am at my parent's house. I'm just visiting to see how everything is going with stroke recovery and randomly help out, which means I'm tagging along with their usual activities. This morning we went to a breakfast held at the Moose Lodge, to which my stepdad belongs. Naturally I knew nobody, so I had to make random chitchat with random strangers. It's easy to natter on about your kids, so at least I have a topic of conversation readily available, so it's less awkward than this thing would have been before I had kids. But they were just talking among themselves at the breakfast table so I was listening in.

I kept my mouth shut when someone was going on about how terrible it is to go food shopping on the 1st of the month because "that's when the food stamps people shop". But when someone started in on how stupid it was for women to protest at the academy awards (or some other such ceremony, I wasn't clear on that), I spoke up. It was WOMEN who were objecting to the idea that men should be held responsible for their actions! "Those girls are all asking for it, dressing like that". I was appalled.

Oh well. I also made myself unpopular when I spoke up about how marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol, and that the whole gateway drug thing is a myth.

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winter activities! [Jan. 4th, 2018|05:37 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

We got to skate, finally; all that cold and no snow made the lake freeze very solid. Jocelyn and I skated around the lake this weekend. Then it snowed half an inch, and then the wind blew it into interesting formations called sastrugi. When there's hardly any snow, the piles of snow alternate with completely clear ice. So, in a sense, the lake's not useful for anything, because when you want to ski you have to pick your way across ice every so often, and when you want to skate, you have to pick your way across the snow every so often. I did both of these activities anyway.

One of the ways I know the ice is safe is by looking at the cracks. Every day the ice "breathes" with thermal expansion and contraction, which results in cracks. They don't indicate any actual structural problem, just when the ice is expanding the energy has to go somewhere. It makes the most amazing pinging and groaning noises! I admit, it's a little nerve-wracking when it pops right underneath you... Anyway, I often stop and check the size of the cracks to verify the ice I'm skating on is safe. And I found the most beautiful formation, which wasn't a full crack, just a flaw in otherwise clear ice. It looked like a dragon! Unfortunately, the pictures didn't come out very well. There's something missing in translation to a 2-D format.

Today, we had a blizzard. We got about a foot. Ken and I tried to use the snow-windsurfer. But it takes too much force to move and I am not able to control the sail, so there was a lot of flailing and no actual motion. Ken had a little success, but it was way too much work. I forgot to bring the camera down to take pictures of the orange sail against the whiteout conditions.

Ice dragon:

(Large version of this picture for more detail: http://www.olum.org/yduj/ice/ice-dragon-large.jpg)

Regular crack, this one I think was like 6-8 inches thick. I didn't give you anything for scale.

The lake with its sastrugi:

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The year in... [Dec. 31st, 2017|04:27 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)
[Tags|, ]

Books: https://www.goodreads.com/user/year_in_books/2017

Bicycling: I had the ceremonial Last Ride Of The Year, 4.69 miles around the lake, in 12 degree temperatures. It only took 25 minutes so it wasn't long enough to freeze my water bottle. Grand total for the year: 2243.7 miles. Less than last year; there were fewer opportunities to ride to work this fall.

All: Sharon, MA
Boston, MA: Arisia
Reno, NV; San Ramon, CA: Trip to see friends and relatives
Las Vegas, NV; Campbell, CA; Santa Cruz, CA; Mountain View, CA: Circus, work, and square dance trip
Brooklyn, NY: trip with Spanish exchange students
Fairlee, VT: games weekend
Bridgton, ME: crazed plan with the aerial rig plus bicycling
Fort Wayne, IN: AACE square dance
Bend, OR; Eugene, OR; Portland, OR: Eclipse trip
Paradise, CA: emergency trip to see sick parent (who is recovering well, I might add)

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Answering my own question [Dec. 22nd, 2017|09:58 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

Yes, there are half-off sales on Hanukah candles two days after Hanukah is over. I bought a box.

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Solstice celebration [Dec. 21st, 2017|10:25 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

The sun cooperated very well today by shining brightly. Ken lit a fire from the sun easily. I decided to try eclipse glasses as eye protection from the focused spot, and I was fiddling with them. It didn't really work because there was so much reflection, but our welders goggles that we put eclipse filters into worked great -- that keeps out the light from between your eyes and the back side of the glass, so you don't get any internal reflection. I could just exactly see the tiny spot. Of course, I couldn't see anything else, so that meant I couldn't see the smoke as the fire was being started. But it was entertaining. I wore my eclipse shirt that has the date, and covered up the "08" from "08-21-17" with a sticky note on which I wrote "12", which got a laugh from everyone.

There's a little street named Solstice in town, with about three houses on it. Ken and I took a bike ride this morning and rode up Solstice. Don't know if this is going to be a tradition, it kind of depends a lot on the weather! Like, tomorrow there's going to be a sloppy mess falling from the sky.

Other than that it was a lazy day. Did presents, played the games I bought for people, made and ate food, sat in front of the fire. Jocelyn has unfortunately come down with a fever, so she was feeling pretty crummy most of the day, despite being plied with ibuprofen. Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow, and nobody else in the family will catch it.

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Lame [c]han[n]uk[k]a[h] celebration [Dec. 18th, 2017|09:32 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

Ken is of Jewish extraction, and his sister is a Rabbi, so occasionally we are subjected to Jewish things. I rather like candles and latkes, so once during Hanukah I try to have latkes, light the menorah, and play dreidel for chocolate chips. Tonight was elected as the only day that everyone would be home for dinner. Sadly, we turned out only to have 3 candles! Oops. So, we pretended it was day 2 instead of day 6... I'll have to buy a new box, it can last us another decade or so. I wonder if there are half off Hanukah stuff sales like there are Xmas sales? I usually buy a box or two of holiday cards on Dec 26, and save them for the following year....

Speaking of which, I sent out my holiday letter. I don't think any of my followers get a physical copy, mostly it's old friends from CA and relatives. The letter is just a report on the kids. Jocelyn says, "I'll know when I'm an adult because I will no longer be a subject of a report!" I pointed out that this probably wasn't true, I'd send out letters exclaiming over her getting a job or something even if she was a grownup.

Anyway, if you want to play along at home, http://www.olum.org/yduj/holiday-letters/Happy_holidays2017.docx

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looking to college [Dec. 13th, 2017|10:40 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

We were talking about classes and high school vs. college tonight. Jocelyn said, "I'm excited for two things at college: Physics for English majors, and English for English majors." Meaning, she wants science and math classes with people who don't find it easy, and she wants humanities classes with people who will make for more interesting classroom discussions. Even at Commonwealth, her English teacher is often saying "Jocelyn, let's hear from someone else..."

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Turing test failure [Dec. 13th, 2017|02:38 pm]
Judy Anderson (yduJ)

I got a call from a computer. I interrupted it to say "hey you're a computer," and I got the response "no, this is a live human" which I thought was cool, but then I interrupted again to say "if you were a live human you'd be letting me talk more often than you are", and it stopped and said "OK", so then I said, "How about them red sox", to which it said it didn't understand what I meant, so I said "that's because computers don't understand sports", which caused it to start over with the original spiel. I interrupted to say "do not call list", to which it responded that it would put me on the do not call list -- I thought that was pretty good! -- and tried again with the spiel so I hung up.

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